Thursday, May 19, 2016

Flower Power, Flower Hair Clips

Spring and Summer bring out so many beautiful flowers, can't they stick around forever?  Naturally we love to have them around they bring about life and beauty.  Flowers in hair just go along so well together.  Unfortunately, real flowers do not do so well in that environment.  They tend to wilt and lose petals.  Flowers in brides hair has been on the raise, for good reason they look so lovely!

I had to do something to have long lasting flowers in my hair.  I turned yarn whenever I need a answer and an answer I found.  Cotton flower hair clips were born!

What I love about these is that they are soft and sturdy.  They add a nice soft touch to your look.  Flower hair clips look great in braids and makes such a fun flower hair accessory.  With so many flower hairstyles with great tutorials online how could you not want to give it a try?

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